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new bulova watches

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  • Bulova is a corporation making watches and clocks. It has its headquarters in Woodside, Queens, New York City.

Brooklyn, New York

Brooklyn, New York

The Hitachi which I bought, several months after my apartment on Nostrand Avenue was burglarized late one night. I had returned home to watch wrestling at midnight, when, on entering my 4th floor apartment, I immediately noticed that a portable television set which I had borrowed from a friend was missing. I tiptoed toward this door, behind me, and saw the closet door open and some clothes on the floor. I immediately returned to the street and called the police.

About 12 minutes later, I flagged down a passing patrol car and two policemen accompanied me upstairs. The radio that had been playing when I first entered was now missing, and the 3-drawer filing cabinet now had the top drawer opened.

Turns out that when I had entered the first time, obviously the burglars had taken some loot through the window, up to the roof; and when I left, quite likely without them ever knowing that I had returned home, they re-entered my apartment and stole some more stuff, including the Bulova that my brother had won which read, from the noon hour: "56 D-R-A-K-E R-E-L-A-Y-S"

And, six months after this first robbery, probably in the late 70's, early 80's, my apartment was broken into through a second window. However, there were slim pickings because I hadn't replaced many of the items that had been stolen the first time.

I remember the Hitachi very well because I had an antenna, on the roof, with a clear view of the World Trade Center, and the quality of the reception couldn't have been better. The metal pole, about 8 feet long, I had found on the street, and I bought the antenna and installed it.

Well, one evening I returned home from work and turned on the television. The reception was terrible. I went to the window, only to see the wire to the antenna hanging down from the roof. When I went up to investigate, the antenna and pole were missing.

In spite of all this, I still love Brooklyn and have some wonderful memories of that borough. I remember the good, old days, back in the very late 60s through the 70s,
when Nostrand Avenue was alive 12/7. I would get off the B train at Nostrand and Fulton Street, walk about three blocks to the Fish & Chips take-out restaurant, any hour of the night or day. A bar, on my block, which I only entered about twice in all my years in Brooklyn, open; people walking, hanging out.

It was always a good thing that the No. 44 bus stopped in front of my door; that six blocks to the left would take me to the New Lots train on Eastern Parkway; and two more blocks would take me to the Flatbush train.

Of course, if I left my building and took a right, four blocks would take me to the Long Island Railroad elevated train; two more blocks would make me to the A Express and C local subway trains.

Then, of course, on my block, there was the restaurant across the street; the flower shop at the corner; the Chinese take-out; the liquor store; the grocery store on the corner; the green grocer. Then across the street, the travel agency, and a host of other businesses. I often told people that I could survive on my block, without leaving. Off course, I also told them that if I died there was a funeral parlour around the corner on Bergen, and any number of churches nearby, if my wishes weren't followed to the letter.

New Watch

New Watch

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new bulova watches

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